Top Online Poker Games

Poker is next to Blackjack the most popular card games in the world. Millions of people rush in droves to the country and online casinos to win big money. However, many players do not heed that poker is a game of strategy. We will show that you will win in the long term with a few simple rules.

One strategy is important. They would eventually not go in real life aimlessly looking for a job or looking for the right partner. They would rationally consider what is the best decision in each situation. Exactly what you do in poker too.

A beginner should play as defensive and a little bluff . You must assume that you are in tournaments or cash games called low stakes and micro limits are very often get called. Then you will usually lose out in a bluff. Their strategy is: Tight aggressive. That means you play the system and throw away 80 percent of their cards. Strong cards, such as high pairs (QQ, KK, AA), you should always keep pushing. The probability that your opponent can beat you is low. But also cards with ace kicker, such as AK, AQ, AJ, or suited connectors (JT) is worth to be played.

Exception: In certain game modes also an AA should be discarded. If it is for example a satellite tournament where the nine finalists will receive a ticket and you are in the bubble phase, i.e, the next of flying out gets nothing, should you even fold this hand. Provided that your chip stack is not zero. Remember a few principles: Many hands after the flop to lose value . Give her counterparty therefore never the flop. For example, hold a very strong hand like AQ in one color and completely miss the flop, you should be able to throw away the hand. Increased their opponents in front of you, you can not call profitably.