Pai Gow Poker

The same occurred with the Travel Channel during the WEPT in 2003. With more viewers, advertisers came, and with more money involved, more people began to professionalize. The formation of idols, essential to any television product, also ensured a constant and interested audience. Currently, you can watch poker tournaments on the internet with ease.

The emergence of specialized sites basified was the last point of the triad of global poker boom. With the growth of the audience, many viewers wanted to start practicing. With the improvement of the quality of internet connections, enabling global interconnectivity at high speed, specialized sites began to spring up in every corner of the world.

Thus, at the end of the 90 sites had some 500 players in their peak times, today some rooms record the presence of about 100 thousand players at those times. Unfortunately, irresponsibility and using real money on these sites have damaged many users who lost their savings in the collapse of these sites.

This was celebrated by all practitioners of this activity, which has always defended the flag that poker requires a lot of technique and skill, not just luck. Coincidentally, this announcement came the same day that the International Federation of Poker completed one year of existence.

The Ministry of Sports of Brazil also recognized poker as a sport of the mind, after intense campaign of the Brazilian Confederation of Texas Hold'em. Now, the events organized by CBTH can be included in the National Sporting Calendar.