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It 'important to note that the dealer must adhere to the strict rules: it is forced to fish if the value of his hand is less than or equal to 16, but must remain if it is equal to or greater than 17. Each player has rather wide range of choice, and may decide to draw card at any time deemed appropriate, although care was taken not to exceed the fateful 21. Can also decide whether to split your hand, doubling down on, surrender or insure against a dealer's blackjack, all options have advantages but also inevitably risks.

But we see other terms related to blackjack: the Double down for example is to double your bet after you have read the assigned papers and after performing this move is possible to draw a single card. The Split hand instead allows you to split your hand into two separate hands, and continue to play and wager separately for both.

The game crossed the ocean from the old to the new continent with early French settlers who came to North America and was renamed Blackjack. The new blackjack is played by more than two players (unlike its predecessors) and received some changes to its rules. According to historians suggest, is not popular among casino players immediately, but since then it has become incredibly popular. It is also believed that another possible ancestors of blackjack is the game "Seven and a half", played with the cards 7, 8, 9 and FIGS.

During the nineteenth century, the game was banned in the U.S., but due to its continued growth illegally and the many fans who played in secret, the U.S. government ended in 1931 legalizing it. In that year he decided to create the city of as one of the central places where casinos would be located in the United States. In 1956 Roger Baldwin wrote a book called "Optimal Blackjack Strategy", which explained the game from the statistical point of view and through calculation methods, offering tips and game strategies.