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To participate in a tournament with cash investing your money and trust that you understand the advice or even with the hope that what is learned is good indeed. Play one (or more) free roll to implement what they learn, analyze the pros and cons, see its effectiveness and, only then, decide whether this new learning added to your game. Appears to be seen in this way we should practice what they learned in free roll tournaments, is not it.

Each room has its own calendar of events free roll where they offer their players free of charge the possibility of getting real prizes. Today many free roll tournaments that exist and they provide payment of the buy-in to participate in a satellite tournament where you can get a ticket (or a package) to participate in the most prestigious live events like the SWOOP, PET or the Battle of Malta (the live poker tournament Poker Listings).

In the money tables of different poker users that you face are players who will participate in real money games, but at this time (either because they are starting their learning or they are implementing the last strategy learned to know it works) prefer to play without putting your budget, while the vast majority of users of this type of flash games and applications may not ever play with real money and if they do vary quite his style of play in doing so.

Surely no one would think of going to war without firing a gun in his life as much as you have read books on how to shoot. The armies made many weapons tests and simulations of real fire fight without soldiers are alert and know how to act if necessary to fight a war. In poker is just like the players have all the knowledge, but you need to practice with "fictitious fire" before investing the money.