Online Casinos in Sweden

Sweden is known for its long gambling history. The internet has revolutionized the way everything works, even when it comes to gambling. Gambling being legal in Sweden has made it easier for the establishment of online casinos in Sweden. The legal age for gambling at physical casinos is 20 years whereas to gamble online a player is required to be at least 18 years. This means that if you are 18 years you are allowed:

    • To buy lottery tickets

    • Gamble online

    Play slot machines.

Gambling in physical facilities has been legal since 1994 in Sweden. However, online gambling was legalized in 2002. Casinos which have licenses from the Swedish government are the only ones that are allowed to advertise their business on Sweden televisions. Among the various online gambling games include:

     Slot machines
     Online poker as well as 3D Poker
     Online Bingo, mostly played by women

Some online casinos allow people to play using the Swedish currency. However, this is not legalized by the government and thus you have to be careful and establish what is legal and what is not if you are playing in any of these casinos.

Despite both physical and online gambling being legal in Sweden, only one operator SvenskaSpel, has been awarded the license to run the business. SvenskaSpel is backed by the state, which says that this is an effort to protect the people from illegal and fraudulent casino operators. The government has in return faced a lot of criticism from the people because of making the casino industry a monopoly. Attempts by the people to go to court have proven to be futile, with the European Court of Justice supporting the Swedish government in its decision to run the Casino industry as a monopoly. The Swedish citizens say that having only one organization running the industry is contrary to the European Union principle of allowing competition in any form of business.

The Swedish government has however stated that it will change the gambling laws in 2014 which will allow international operators to venture into the industry. However, until this happens, Swedish citizens can continue to gain access to online gaming sites that are hosted by other countries, thus they can still enjoy making bets online. The promotion and advertisement of gambling products that are not fully licensed will go on, since this is supported by the Lotteries Act.

Online Casinos in Sweden will remain legal with the Swedish citizens being allowed to visit various sites such as 888 and Mr. Green.