Online Casino Progressive Jackpots

Casino progressive jackpots are one of the best jackpots that you can come across on the internet. There are so many types of jackpots available but if you compare the benefits of each and every jackpot then casino progressive jackpots stand out. These jackpots are unlike other simple jackpots in which there is a fixed amount of money as a jackpot prize and only one winner can grab the whole lot. Here you are going to learn about online casino progressive jackpots and how these work and how these are better than the others.

Casino progressive jackpots are offered today by all the reputed online casinos. An interesting thing about these jackpots is the reward in that the highest amount keeps on increasing as the casino players keep on playing that game. Let us break it down for you. Casino progressive jackpots are generally offered on the game of slots. Generally jackpots are played using one slot machine but in the progressive jackpots several slot machines are connected and a specific amount of money from each and every connected slot machine keeps on getting collected in a common pool. Therefore, as more and more number of players keep on participating and playing in progressive jackpots, more amount of money will get collected and this constitutes the casino progressive jackpot of that game.

There are several types of casino progressive jackpots. One is the in-house progressive jackpots. In this type several slot machines of one casino or different slots machines of different casino but under the same authority are connected. More the number of slot machines, higher will the jackpot go. Stand Alone type is another variety in which the money is not collected as a percentage but through different wins. This jackpot is considerably less profitable and less preferred by the casino players.

There is one of the best varieties and it is the Area Wide machines. Here the machines of several slot machines across several online casinos are connected and the competitive field is much larger. These casino progressive jackpots run in millions and many players play in these at the same time and therefore the jackpots are much bigger. Another good thing about casino progressive jackpots is that there isn’t just one winner. There are runner ups as well and hence more than one player has a chance of winning these big jackpots and percentages of the jackpot. You can find more about these jackpots by visiting the homepage of several casino websites as these are generally displayed on the main page of the casino websites itself.